About us

History of NEOSTYLE company has been written since 2002.
At the beginning of our carer both, design of interiors and production of design accessories created out our main activity. After several years of successful interior design career, we have decided to narrow our portfolio to production and distribution high and speaker systems, as well as and luxury audio tables under the NEO brand.
The idea of production high-quality high-end speaker systems and audio tables originated through linking of things.
Through love to  music and to design.  

The design is glamorous, however for us very important, and our creativity and the desire to get out of the line has already been put into the first concept of our production.  
During production we place great emphasis on the materials used, such as European or exotic veneers with a high gloss finish of piano lacquer or matt finish with 40% gloss.
Stainless steel components made on CNC machines give exclusivity to our products and are   finished polishing by hands. The high quality of craft works is achieved by top machines in our production. But manual work is also needed in case of atypical shapes, whereas this kind of work makes about fifty percentages share in production our speaker systems and audio tables.   

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