LIGHT DOUBLE TRIPOD Audio rack is a lighter and more affordable version of DOUBLE TRIPOD.
LIGHT DOUBLE TRIPOD consists of a bottom base shelf fitted five spikes.
To a basic part additional shelves are attacked subsequently fitted with steel legs ending with anti-resonance spikes in five height versions.     
LIGHT DOUBLE TRIPOD offers possibility of stacking a rack exactly according to Your audio components that will guarantee You shelves with a usable height of 122mm, 172mm, 222mm, 272mm and 322mm.
Steel legs with a diameter of  30mm are in standard offer made of solid stainless steel.
Supporting spikes absorb unwanted vibrations of audio components that have a negative influence on the reference listening.
Shelves are made with 25mm thick MDF boards/medium-density fibreboard/.
The stock program includes two basic colours, white and black in matte finishing. Suppress undesired vibrations of your audio components and enhance your Light Tripod design.

Technical information:

Dimensions: 1195/547 (W/D)mm
Useful sizes: 2x 510/490 (W/D)mm
Useful height: 75mm bottom shelf
Shelves: 25mm MDF (medium-density fibreboard)
Sustainability for each shelf: 50 kg
Design: diameter of 30mm - stainless steel
Finishes: black, white

Documents / Information:

Booklet - PDF

Dimensions - PDF


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